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Jason Abrams is a dedicated musician and piano instructor. He has participated in various arenas of music at the University of California, Davis, where he was engaged in the music major. He has garnered numerous awards for his performances and compositions, including the top prizes in the Southwestern Youth Music Festival and the Music Teachers' Association of California competition. A passionate pianist and composer, Jason is ready to help you cultivate your own musical creativity, whether you'd prefer to gain a very traditional classical music education, learn how to compose, study some colorful jazz theory, or churn out a few pop songs. Music is for everybody, and Jason is here to shed light on your musical potential.

Celebrate Your Music

"We all have music boiling in us. I'd love to help you build your musicality and express your creativity through this sublime medium called music. You select what kind of a music education you'd like to receive, and I'll be sure to mold our sessions as such."


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